Beverly Rapp, LADC, LMFT - Transpersonal psychotherapy - Oklahoma City, OK

Beverly Rapp, LADC, LMFT - Transpersonal psychotherapy - Oklahoma City, OK

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Beverly Rapp, LADC, LMFT
Oklahoma City, OK

Beverly Rapp offers EMDR in Oklahoma City, OKThese initials stand for Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing method. EMDR was discovered by a California psychologist, Francine Shapiro, serendipitously. What Dr. Shapiro realized was that when her eyes moved back and forth during a troubling thought, the thought seemed to lift. Dr. Shapiro correlated the shift of her eyes to the movement of eyes during REM sleep. REM sleep is the period where we do the most dreaming and probably engage in problem solving, with the unconscious mind. Dr. Shapiro expanded on her discovery. She hypothesized that some thoughts and experiences are so traumatic we cannot process them. These images become frozen and are seen repeatedly. Dr. Shapiro wondered, if someone could be taught to move their eyes during a waking state, as they would in REM sleep, would it resolve frozen, traumatic thoughts? The year was 1987, and EMDR was born. Since this time, Dr. Shapiro and her senior trainers have taught EMDR to many psychotherapists, internationally.

Following the Murrah Building bombing in 1995, Dr. Shapiro and her staff came to Oklahoma City, to provide training and therapy to area psychotherapists. These psychotherapists in turn, helped traumatized Oklahoma City residents. I was fortunate enough to be a part of that training as well as further EMDR training. Later, I completed Level II EMDR when it was offered.

I have used EMDR in my practice regularly since that time. I find it to be very helpful when standard therapeutic methods fail. If you have traumatic thoughts or events which you ruminate on, EMDR may be an answer for you. I have found it useful in the following situations: facing phobias, reducing the impact of abuse memories, resolving memories of a car wreck. reducing shock from combat, neutralizing physical and emotional traumas.

Advanced study into EMDR reveals that various methods of engaging both hemispheres of the brain, with the EMDR protocol are effective. I prefer utilizing a hand held device from NeuroTek.

If you want more information on EMDR, visit their website:

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