Beverly Rapp, LADC, LMFT - Transpersonal psychotherapy - Oklahoma City, OK

Beverly Rapp, LADC, LMFT - Transpersonal psychotherapy - Oklahoma City, OK

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Transpersonal Imagery
Beverly Rapp, LADC, LMFT
Oklahoma City, OK

The therapeutic use of imagery takes many forms. Here are three.

In Guided Imagery, a therapist provides the structure or landscape for her client. The therapist acts as a container for that landscape. She creates a safe space for the client to work in. This type of imagery is used in stress reduction, pain management, and rehearsal for goals, such as job interviews or athletic competitions.

Beverly RappDuring Guided, Interactive Imagery, the client engages in an internal dialogue with objects and figures in the landscape. Thus, a client may talk to a diseased or distressed part of the body, explore a meaningful dream or view issues from the past, with the Inner Child. I was taught this method by a pastoral psychotherapist, Dean Schlecht. As is the case with good techniques, I found it was discovered, as well, by several other practitioners. Dr. Martin Rossman of the Academy for Interactive Imagery , Belleruth Naparstek, author of Health Journeys, a guided imagery audio series and Jeanne Achterberg, prolific author and instructor are three prominent examples.

Transpersonal Imagery can be guided or interactive. However, Transpersonal Imagery always calls on a Higher Self to be present in the process. This Transpersonal element enlivens the imagery process and makes a way for wondrous things to occur.

Through Transpersonal Imagery, that is interactive, you make a connection with your Inner Self Helper, call upon it to meet challenges and resolve long standing issues when "talk therapy" has failed. You can heal personal history and meet your True Self with all its talents and gifts.

I have been offering imagery work with clients for over 20 years. Through my professional experience, study with the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, and participation in C.G. Jung study groups, I have become skilled in traversing and translating the Inner World of symbols and metaphors.

Terms which appear in sources relating to Imagery are: Meditation, Relaxation Response, Relaxation Training, Hypnosis, Jungian Inner Work, Active Imagination and Stress Management. Each of these terms refers to a particular protocol which may include the use of Imagery.

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