Beverly Rapp, LADC, LMFT - Transpersonal psychotherapy - Oklahoma City, OK

Beverly Rapp, LADC, LMFT - Transpersonal psychotherapy - Oklahoma City, OK

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Individual Counseling
Beverly Rapp, LADC, LMFT
Oklahoma City, OK

Beverly Rapp offers EMDR in Oklahoma City, OKPeople frequently request individual psychotherapy, because they want a one on one context and the privacy it affords. Perhaps this is true for you. Do you have a relationship problem, job stress or some unresolved personal trauma? Perhaps you seek resolution for depression or management for anxiety. Many clients complain of a poor self image or a lack of confidence. Some people struggle with existential issues, such as, what is the meaning of my life or how do I find my True Self? In those quiet moments, when it is just you and me, there is freedom to discuss your innermost concerns. I will hold you in a therapeutic space that provides safety to explore what burdens you.

It is not uncommon for a client to come for one issue and find that another issue underlies it. For instance, a woman may come to therapy to learn why she overeats and how to change the behavior. In the course of therapy, she may see that overeating compensates for feeling under nurtured as a child. Or, the woman may discover that she has put on pounds to keep men at a distance. Not all weight issues are this simple. However simple issues cause real emotional pain, if you feel powerless to resolve them.

What if you decide to remain clean and sober, after years of substance abuse? You will likely find yourself at a loss of identity with the loss of habitual behavior. Who do you hang out with now? What are you to do at a party when all your friends are getting plowed? Can you stand the intensity of your feelings without some substance altering them?

Dreams are another matter clients bring for individual work. You may share your dreams from the workshop of sleep. What is the dream self trying to tell you about your current relationship, your family or your health? Does your dream self have wisdom to offer?

Perhaps your physician has sent you to me because of health issues that need stress management. Health issues have a psychological component. In this case, we might do Transpersonal Imagery so you can talk to your body and receive its feedback.

There is a palpable presence in the room when someone shares his deepest truths. I feel that presence. I listen, I learn from you. I let you and your True Self show me what’s needed to address your problems.

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Beverly Rapp, LMFT, LADC
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