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Dream Work
Beverly Rapp, LADC, LMFT
Oklahoma City, OK

If eyes are the window to the soul, then dreams are certainly a window to the unconscious. Jungian analyst, James Hall once wrote: "Dreams are mysterious entities, like messages from an unknown friend who is caring but objective." Your dreams tell a story. They reveal your deepest wishes, your deepest fears and something more. At the most profound level, dreams are driven by the True Self. The True Self’s goal is to form you into a Whole Being. If dreams frighten you, it is the True Self’s method of flushing out shadows and bringing unconscious content into the conscious light of day for processing.

Dreams are categorized in varying ways. There are recurring dreams or dream themes, sexual dreams, dreams of catastrophe or of being pursued by a malevolent person. There are psychic dreams that reveal things to come. There are mutual dreams, in which two or more people share a dream experience. There are big dreams and dreams of initiation into a new phase of life growth. Do you know you can incubate a dream in order to have a question answered, such as where should I go next in this relationship or my career?

There are methods to exploring a dream, some of them I was introduced to through my studies with the studies with the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology / Sophia University). I prefer the Dream Re-Entry method, as a rule, which I learned from a pastoral psychotherapist, Dean Schlect. As is the case, with good techniques, others discover them as well. Robert Moss, in Dream Gates audio series, outlines a re-entry protocol. Using guided imagery, you can re-enter a dream and dialogue with the figures. It even works with scary, dream figures, who often turn out to be helpers.

A recurring nightmare is a particularly important dream to unravel. The dream self will continue to produce this dream until you get the message gets across. Some people are able to sustain waking consciousness in a dream state and thereby direct the course of action. This is lucid dreaming. Not everyone does it spontaneously but it can be taught. Tibetan Buddhists cultivate lucid dreaming, as dream yoga, for spiritual development.

Are you not able to remember your dreams? I can show you ways to remember them.

What do you want to know from your dreams? Why not unravel the mystery of you that your dream self offers?

Some authors to reference on the subject of dream work are as follows, alphabetically: Tess Castleman, Gayle Delaney, Ann Faraday, Patricia Garfield, James Hall, Robert A, Johnson, Carl Jung, Stephen LeBerge, and Robert Moss.

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